Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd

Location of Visitor Moorings and Landing Stage


visitor moorings location

  56°24.70'N       long   005°29.16'W

Find Us

  • Close to the centre of Oban
  • At the southern end of Oban Bay
  • Just off Dungallan Parks
  • Close to Oban Sailing Club
  • In an area formerly used for anchoring
  • Adjacent to private moorings in Cardingmill Bay
  • 3 trots of easily identifiable bright yellow buoys each painted with a large black 'V'

Location Map

Visitor Moorings and Anchor Area Re-Organisation

These moorings are located adjacent to moorings held by members of OBCB; in area formerly administered by Cardingmill Bay Moorings Owners Association, just off Dungallan Parks.

This stretch of water was at one time set aside for visitor anchoring,  and in an effort to provide better facilities for sailing visitors to Oban, these new moorings were intended to increase the places available and to replace aging moorings formerly located off Oban Esplanade.

But in taking over the anchoring area at Dungallan for visitor moorings, it was thought appropriate to give space back for anchoring, and by removing the old moorings, there's more space now for anchoring off Oban Esplanade.

Details of visitor mooring fees - here »

Details of landing stage fees - here »

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