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Oban Bay Community Berthing

About OBCB

Boats have been mooring in Cardingmill Bay for a very long time! and by 1985 moves were afoot to formalise the mooring arrangements here.



old postcard views of Cardingmill Bay -  dating from about 1900 - 1940


Following a public meeting in Spring 1990, Cardingmill Bay Mooring Owners Association (CBMOA) was formed; and formal leases to look after the interests of private moorings holders with the then DoT and Crown Estate finally agreed by the end of that year.

A mooring area was reserved for visitor's use - which has since become home to 16 visitor moorings.

The moorings area stretches from Ardcuan in the south to adjacent to the Northern Lighthouse Pier in the north.

At an Special General Meeting held in September 2012, members of CBMOA voted to transfer its assets, leases and responsibilities to Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd and thereafter  wind up the Association. 

OBCB Board of Directors 

Chairman: Duncan T.M.Martin 
Treasurer (and Manager of the Visitor facilities):  Duncan T.M Martin

Secretary (and manager of the private moorings): Eric Chapman
Board Members :   Joey Gough; Ian Simpson; David Isaac

OBCB hosts an AGM  towards the end of the season each year.

Any business should be notified to the Chairman.

The Annual Lease Agreement and Moorings Declaration is sent out by email to all private leaseholders at the beginning of January each year, with subscriptions due in by the end of March.

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