Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd

Cardingmill Bay landing stage, Oban Bay

Step ashore into Oban

Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd operate a re-instated and upgraded landing stage for seasonal use by small boat owners and sailing visitors in the Oban area near the former Borro Boats location in Dungallan Park.

30m pontoon with walkway shore access

  • Minimum depth 5m on seaward side, 4m on inside
  • Water available
  • Refuse bin available at roadside

  • Fee payable for each use/visit
    • pay on the day
    • pay by prior arrangement
  • Maximum stay 30 minutes if others are waiting
  • No overnight stay/berthing for boats >7m
  • For landing and loading/unloading of crew and provisions only
  • No commercial fish landing
  • No vessel may be left unattended at any time (except dinghies/small RIBS which are left unattended at own risk)
  • Space to come alongside is available on a first come first served basis
  • Do not raft more than 2 deep
  • Use only in conditions you judge suitable for use by your vessel
  • Use of the landing stage is at your own risk
  • All vessels using these facilities must have 3rd party liability.

  • Please follow the directions of OBCB volunteer


general rules of landing stage use

  • the seaward face of the landing stage is intended for short term use only; maximum stay of 30 minutes 
  • the inshore face of the landing stage is available to small boats  -  less than 7m -  for day use


Full terms and conditions of landing stage use »

fees and how to pay

landing stage fees

leisure commercial dinghy
per each 30 mins use £2 £8 £1
per day

visitor moorings fees are here

 Day Rates for Small Boats (RIBs etc)

<4.5m  :£2/day; £10/wk; £20/month; £200/year

4.5-7m: £5/day; £25/wk;£60/month; £600/year

how to pay - use an envelope

Please take an envelope from the dispenser next to the yellow box - print your detailson the form provided. Place payment inside the envelope and deposit it into the yellow pay box.

Cheques payable to ‘Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd’

We are happy to accept payments by BACS - please use an envelope to give us your payment details.

BACS   to: Bank of Scotland, Station Road, Oban, PA34 4LL
sort code 80 17 99     a/c 06016795
a/c name Oban Bay Community Berthing

We check daily to ensure fees are paid and empty the pay box. Please help us by complying with these simple instructions.

Community Development Projects - please apply directly to Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd for conditions of use

Landing Stage

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