Oban Bay Community Berthing Ltd

Standard Fees 2024

Visitor Moorings up to 4 hours
before 1600
per night per week
fee £5 £20 £100

reasonable landing stage use + leaving dinghy alongside
included in mooring fee

Please contact us if you wish to stay for an extended period

  • Call or send a text to 0775 1605 746 on arrival
  • We'll send you a text by return with details of moorings fees and how and where to pay
  • Moorings are available on a first come first served basis

Leisure use £2 per each 30 mins
leisure use means - loading and unloading, changing crew etc; taking on water and provisions; strictly no berthing - short stay only;

Commercial use  £8 per visit max 30 mins
loading and unloading of fee paying passengers 

Dinghies - £1 per day
dinghies are left unattended at own risk

Community development projects - please apply directly to  Oban Bay Community Berthing for conditions of use

How to pay - the pay box and envelope dispenser
Visitor Moorings Landing Stage
Take an envelope for moorings fees from the dispenser mounted on the side of the yellow pay box Pay directly into the yellow pay box on the landing stage
  1. Fill up the form with your details
  2. Place mooring payment in the envelope and seal iit
  3. Or pay by BACS to Oban Bay Community Berthing.
    Sort Code 80-17-99
    Account No. 06016795
  4. Deposit envelope in yellow box.


Deposit one prepaid ticket into the yellow pay box



Reasonable landing stage use + leaving dinghy alongside
included in mooring fee
We check daily to ensure fees are paid
and to empty the pay box

Season tickets
General conditions of use apply
Email us  for an application form.

Oban Sailing Club

Details of fees and how to pay are usually on display at Oban Sailing Club and adjacent to the landing stage

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