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Membership & Fees

From 1st January 2010, the annual Crown Estate lease fee for an individual mooring position is £80.

Members of Moorings Associations are entitled to reduced CE annual lease fees of £40.00 for each mooring position administered by the Association, and may also join any of the Association schemes or events.

All holders of mooring positions within the designated area of water in Cardingmill Bay must be members of OBCB, and intending new owners of a mooring position in Cardingmill Bay must apply for membership of OBCB.

OBCB 2015 Membership Fees
Initial one-off Joining Fee £100
Annual Subscription* £25
per annum
Crown Estate Lease Fee £40
per annum
Transfer of Lease Fee £25
Annual membership runs from 1st January to 31st December of each year
*Annual Member subscription is £50 with 50% reduction to £25 if paid before 31st March

Mooring Sizes

Each mooring available for private lease has a specified maximum size of vessel which can use it, and mooring holders must possess or acquire boats in accordance with the designated overall length for their mooring.

The moorings area is laid out at the north-east end with moorings for the smallest boats inshore and bigger ones progressively further out; moorings to the south-west end where traditionally commercial vessels remain in the water year round follow this pattern less closely. 

So, when thinking of buying a mooring position or if you plan to change your boat on an existing mooring

  • remember authorised lengths of mooring positions apply and plan accordingly
  • ensure the overall length of the proposed boat is within the authorised length of the mooring position you propose to use
  • seek approval from the Board of Directors for any change of boat before making a commitment. 

Where a new mooring position is allocated, a maximum boat length for it will be determined and allocated.

While the Agreement with the CEC does not allow any mooring holder to hire out or sublet the allocated mooring space, non-mooring holders may use a mooring on a seasonal or permanent basis with the Board’s prior consent. 


Membership of OBCB entitles the Member to lay mooring tackle or equipment on a defined position within the designated moorings area.

Who can join OBCB?

Priority is given to applicants whose main residence is within approximately 15 miles of the bay and who have resided in the area for at least twelve months. Consideration is also to given to limiting the number of moorings to one or two per household and prioritising those who earn their living from the sea.

What is involved in the sale/purchase of moorings?

Details of mooring positions for sale are notified to the  Board of Directors.

The mooring position - the area of sea bed - is not a members or holders to sell - the space is the property of the Crown Estate. It's the lease of the space that is available for transfer to the next owner.
Any ground tackle or equipment may be sold as it is an individuals property.

There's a one-off administration fee payable for the transfer of an existing lease to a new owner - who must be / or become a member of OBCB.

Enquires about mooring positions for sale: info@obanbayberthing.co.uk

More about the Crown Estate and buying and selling a mooring here »

Members Annual Declaration

At the annual renewal date the mooring holder is required to declare that the mooring tackle or equipment has been within the previous twelve months/or shortly will be inspected and made good by a competent contractor  -

Annual renewal paperwork is sent out during the first week or so of January each year.


All insurance issues are the sole responsibility of the mooring holder. The Board do not enter into disputes between mooring holders and/or their insurers and/or moorings contractors. Inside the limits of the designated area of water, Third Party cover is the minimum requirement for any vessel using a mooring or whilst underway to and from a mooring. 



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