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The administration of a designated area of water in Oban bay stretching from a little to the south of the Lighthouses’ pier in the north-east, to Ardcuan in the south-west is subject to the terms of an Agreement in place between the Crown Estate Commission (CEC) and Directors of OBCB Ltd.

Within this area of water, OBCB co-ordinates the organisation of jetties, slips, moorings and anchorage -  including the Cardingmill Bay Landing Stage in Dungallan Park, 16 Visitors Moorings - and represents the interests of over 100 mooring positions leased to individuals in dealing with other parties.

Holders of all private mooring positions within this area must be members of OBCB Ltd, who are issued with an individual Agreement which reflects the CEC/OBCB terms and conditions. 

Each mooring within this area has a specified maximum size of vessel which can use it, and mooring holders must possess or acquire boats in accordance with the designated overall length for their mooring. The moorings area is laid out at the north-east end with moorings for the smallest boats inshore and bigger ones progressively further out; moorings to the south-west end where traditionally commercial vessels remain in the water year round follow this pattern less closely. 

OBCB have standard mooring tackle maintenance requirements for all equipment laid.  Work to maintain or test any  mooring tackle or equipment must be carried out by a contractor with appropriate insurance cover; and all vessels using any of the moorings within the designated area are required to carry Third Party insurance as a minimum.



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